Production Credits

In May (Nuffield Theatre Lancaster)

Sea Breeze (Winter Gardens Morecambe)

Lancaster Music Festival

Blackburn Live 2014

Light Up Lancaster 2104/15/16/17

Shakespeare At The Castle (Lancaster Castle)

No Bull Rally (Wales, UK)

A Farewell To Arms

Production Video Technician Dirty Dancing UK Tour 2014/2015

Mist In The Mirror

The Elephant Man - Haymarket Theatre London

Production Video Engineer Lanark A Life In Three Acts

Production Video Engineer CATS Blackpool Opera House

Production Video Engineer on Ich War Noch Niemals In New York - (Berlin, Germany)

Production Video Engineer Derren Brown Miricle Tour 2015

Production Video Engineer Rocky Das Musical (Stuttgart, Germany)

Production Video Engineer Lanark (Edingburgh/Glasgow, UK)

Celebrity X Cruise Liners system install for two new shows, Battle Royal Productions (Miami - US)

Production Video Engineer Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (West Yorkshire Playhouse, UK)

System Install for Electric Glen (Glasgow, UK)

Production Video Engineer Blue Man Group World Tour (Marina Bay Sands, Singapore)

System Installation Technician 'Absent' Blackpool Wintergardens

Production Video Engineer Mary Poppins (Stuttgart Germany)

Production Video Engineer Tanz Der Vampire Berlin/Germany Tour

Production Video Engineer Hinterm Horizont (Hamburg, Germany)

Production Video Engineer Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (UK Tour)

Electric Fireworks Light Up Lancaster Fesitval 2016

Production Video Engineer The Kite Runner (Wyndhams Theatre/Playhouse, London)

Production Video Engineer Ghost (Linz Landesthatre, Austria)

Production Video Engineer The Kid Stays In The Picture (Royal Court Theatre, London)

Production Video Engineer Ode To Leeds (West Yorkshire Playhouse)

Production Video Engineer Derren Brown Underground (London, UK)

System Design, Installation and Programming Parade - Chamelaon Theatre (Berlin, Germany)

One Day Maybe - AV installation Engineer (Hull, UK)

Production Video Engineer Derren Brown Underground UK Tour

Production Video Engineer The Kite Runner (UK Tour) 

Production Video Engineer Ghost Das Musical (Berlin, Germany)

Video Technician Jersey Boys (UK Tour)

Video System Engineer and Design - battleRoyal - Madsak 125 Year Festival (Hanover Germnay) Festival Link




Parade - Fear - Love - Circus


Notch // Midi // Wacom // MAX MSP // Live Control // Green Hippo


battleROYAL in collaboration with the renowned Chamäleon Theatre in Berlin, brought to stage a new circus production complete with live video interaction, using Notch.

The challenge was to create dynamic video content that would evolve with the acrobats and to create a stable setup that could be easily operated by an off-stage performer, to create a unique spectacle every night.





SeaBreeze is Alfred Hicklings Number 1 in top 10 Theatre of 2014 - Stage - The Gardian.


Lanark: A Life inThree Acts "an extraordinary blen of live action, lighting and sound, animation and projection"


Absent; Beautiful, unforgettable - both excellent descriptions, but let's add distrubing, haunting, moving and truly, utterly, amazing.  Although I'm not prepared to reveal to much and ruin the magic, suffice to say I cannot recommend this show/immersive theatre experience/large-scale art installation enough. (Downstage theatre review)



Electric Fireworks @ Light Up Lancaster Festival.


I created an interactve installation piece for the festival which used colour tracking in Max MSP to generate X/Y co-ordintes that were then used to generate particles using the particle engine within V4 Green Hippo Media server.

Red, Green and Blue torches are used as a light source for participants to create their own Electric Firework display.

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